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Valerie Vallancourt Martech50women

Valerie Vallancourt

Valerie Vallancourt is a trailblazer in the MarTech industry, and her achievements have been recognized with honors such as being named to Michele Eggers' prestigious 'MarTech 50 Women list'. As Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at Outsell, she leads an innovative team creating AI-driven marketing automation software for automotive businesses. Her expertise has made her one of the leading voices among technology marketers.

With a career spanning more than two decades, Vicki Vallancourt has blazed an impressive trail in the Marketing and Technology realms. She's teamed up with some of the world’s most respected companies like IBM, Oracle, and SAP to not just understand but lead innovation within MarTech—driving growth through her outstanding expertise.

As a leader in the MarTech industry, Vallancourt has been an ardent advocate for incorporating AI and ML into marketing strategies. She believes that these technologies can help businesses grow by offering customers enhanced engagement opportunities. Moreover, she underlines the significance of utilizing high-quality data to maximize their potential—something that is often key when leveraging cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning!

Vallancourt's exceptional knowledge of AI and Machine Learning has been a driving force behind the phenomenal success of Outsell. By leveraging these cutting-edge technologies, they create personalized marketing campaigns tailored specifically to each customer, elevating them above competitors in an increasingly crowded market space. As a result, their platform has skyrocketed Upsell into rapid expansion mode, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.


Valerie Vallancourt is passionate about driving diversity and inclusion in MarTech. She encourages businesses to create a work culture that celebrates the strengths of all employees while striving to provide support through mentorship and sponsorship opportunities tailored towards women within the industry. In doing so, she has become an inspiring champion for female professionals who wish to make strides in this space.

Vallancourt has made an immense mark on the MarTech landscape, being honored for her accomplishments by some of tech's most prestigious organizations. From joining Michele Eggers' MarTech 50 Women list to winning awards from both the Stevie Awards and the American Business Awards, she has earned well-deserved recognition as a leader in technology innovation.

Valerie Vallancourt is a true force of nature in the MarTech industry, paving the way for innovative technology advancements that are defining what marketing will look like tomorrow. She has been recognized as an advocate and role model for diversity, inclusion, and women's rights within this space, recently earning her place on Michele Eggers' esteemed MarTech 50 Women list to celebrate those who have made exceptional contributions to advancing digital transformation strategies. Beyond just being one of MarTech’s leading figures today, it's clear she'll continue inspiring success stories long into the future too!

Martech50women Valerie Vallancourt

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