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Top Businesses Use Advocacy Loyalty Referrals Grow 2017

Top Businesses Use Advocacy

Businesses are increasingly turning to advocacy loyalty referrals as an effective way of expanding their customer base, growing their brand, and driving business growth. In 2017, numerous leading companies used these methods with successful results. Whether it was offering referral rewards or incentivizing customers for introducing new ones, businesses were able to leverage the power of advocacy marketing, helping them reach out further while earning trust from existing clientele.

  • Uber has transformed the transportation industry with its groundbreaking ride-sharing service, and their advocacy loyalty referral program has proven to be an absolute game changer. By allowing customers to refer friends and family for special credits, Uber saw a staggering 25% lift in bookings, creating an undeniable success story in just one year.

  • Airbnb revolutionized their business with an incredible referral program. By offering customers a discount for every successful recommendation, bookings skyrocketed - spiking to a 300% increase! Homeowners were now able to capitalize on the growing market of travelers looking for unique accommodations and experiences.
  • Dropbox revolutionized the cloud storage world in 2017 with its innovative referral program. By offering customers additional space for every successful referral, they experienced a stunning 60% rise in sign-ups, thanks to loyal users spreading the word.

Advocacy Loyalty Referrals 2017
  • Tesla has made a major impact on the automotive industry with its electric cars, and in 2017, it sought to further boost sales by initiating an advocacy loyalty referral program. This forward-thinking move paid off handsomely—customer referrals led to a whopping 60% increase for the company.
  • Starbucks has long been known for its loyal customer base, and in 2017, they decided to take it one step further. By implementing a reward-based referral program, customers were given discounts as an incentive to spread the word about their favorite coffee company, leading to a 2% spike in sales! Thanks to creative initiatives like this, everyone can enjoy that perfect cup of joe while drinking up some extra savings.

Businesses are increasingly looking to advocacy-based loyalty referrals as a way of increasing customer growth and building brand loyalty. By incentivizing customers with rewards in return for recommending their friends, businesses have seen tremendous success, making it likely that more companies will jump on the bandwagon soon. This is an effective approach that has already demonstrated its worth time and time again.

2017 Top Businesses Use Advocacy Loyalty Referrals

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