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Michele Eggers Martech 50 women

Michele Eggers MarTech

The MarTech industry is rapidly evolving, and the importance of diversity in this field has been increasingly recognized. To recognize and celebrate these women for their incredible achievements, Michele Eggers created her renowned MarTech 50 Women list—a compilation of top female professionals driving innovation through marketing technology to drive business growth. These inspiring leaders are making a real impact on the industry at large - proving that you can achieve anything when given the opportunity.

Michele Eggers is an inspiring leader in the MarTech industry, bringing her impressive expertise to Campaign Monitor as their Senior Director of Marketing Technology and Operations. She has been recognized for her pioneering spirit in 2018 with a unique accomplishment: creating the MarTech 50 Women list, which celebrates women who have made noteworthy advances in this field while also amplifying their voices both nationally and internationally.

The MarTech 50 Women list is a stellar showcase of influential female thought leaders that have revolutionized the marketing technology landscape. This unique selection includes inspiring innovators from different backgrounds, including tech veterans and marketing aficionados with their own distinct perspectives on how to optimize customer engagement through technology-driven solutions. By embracing diversity in experience, skillset, and industry acumen, these exemplary women are paving the way for future generations by leaving an indelible mark on our MarTech world.

Karen DeSalvo, the Chief Health Officer at Google and a renowned physician and public health expert, is using her expertise to revolutionize healthcare. Through innovative digital tools developed under her leadership, she has been providing access to quality care regardless of one's socio-economic status. With such an impressive impact on the industry already made since joining Google in 2014, it comes as no surprise that Dr. De Salvo continues to be a leader in advancing new solutions for creating better patient outcomes with technology.

MarTech 50 Women

Meagen Eisenberg, CMO of TripActions and one of the most highly acclaimed marketing professionals in tech today, has steered companies such as Microsoft, Yahoo!, and DocuSign towards success throughout her 20-year career. Now with a new challenge at hand—growing TripActions through cutting-edge strategies—she is prepared to continue making waves within this industry for years to come.

One of the brightest minds in MarTech, Erica Seidel, is revolutionizing how companies build high-performing marketing teams. As founder and author of The Connective Good consulting firm and Leadership Rigor! book, respectively, she has successfully demonstrated thought leadership to effectively catalyze positive impact within the industry. Her remarkable contributions have been acknowledged through her several accolades, including recently earning a place on this year’s prestigious MarTech 50 Women list, which highlights trailblazers who are changing the face of digital marketing technology today.

The MarTech 50 Women list is a remarkable celebration of female leaders and their hard-earned accomplishments in this rapidly expanding industry. It's also an urgent call to action for companies everywhere: prioritize diversity within your ranks or risk being left behind by the next wave of revolutionary developments spearheaded by groundbreakers like these! This highly acclaimed selection recognizes women as powerful catalysts for progress; recognizing them not only bolsters the future success of our field but also sends a strong message that all voices must be heard if we are to succeed together.

The MarTech industry has made great strides towards promoting diversity and inclusion with the publication of its prestigious annual "MarTech 50 Women" list. This powerful reminder serves as a source of inspiration for women across all industries, highlighting their valuable contributions to innovation in this ever-expanding field. Companies should strive to create an environment that is accepting of everyone regardless of race, gender, or background; creating spaces where everybody feels comfortable contributing meaningfully will ensure success now and into the future.

Michele Eggers' MarTech 50 Women list is a monumental milestone in acknowledging and honoring the crucial contributions of women to marketing technology. The winners come from all kinds of backgrounds, each with their own unique set of skills that continue to propel innovation forward while changing its future landscape. This inspiring list serves as an urgent reminder for companies everywhere: diversity should be prioritized now more than ever before! Female employees hold immense potential within this rapidly expanding industry, so it's time we give them the recognition they deserve and create environments where everyone feels valued.

MarTech Women Michele Eggers

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