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Executive Spotlight Series Sander Arts

Sander Arts

Sander Arts is a renowned industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience under his belt. His expertise has spanned the globe, from Europe and Asia to the United States, where he currently holds key leadership roles, most notably as Chief Customer Officer at ServiceNow. This market-leading digital workflow company leverages software solutions to help businesses run smoother and more efficiently than ever before!

We will cover Sander Arts' background, professional history, and current position at ServiceNow in more detail in this blog.

Educational Background 

Sander Arts hails from the Netherlands but has experienced a world of education. After achieving his undergraduate degree in business and information technology at the University of Amsterdam, he went on to ornate himself with an Executive MBA from INSEAD, one of France's premier business schools, followed by a certification in strategic marketing management issued through Stanford University.

Career Journey

After an impressive educational background, Sander Arts quickly rose through the ranks of Unisys to become a strategic leader in the Europe Division. This success led to his taking a position at Microsoft in 2002 as Director of Enterprise Strategy and Solutions, where he developed an impressive portfolio over his time there. He held various leadership roles, including General Manager for the Windows Server business, Vice President of Enterprise and Partner Group, and Vice President of Business and Marketing for the Windows and Devices Group.

In 2014, Sander Arts made the leap from big tech to a leading enterprise software provider when he joined ServiceNow as Vice President and General Manager for EMEA. He was tasked with growing the company’s presence in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa while expanding their customer base across the region.

Spotlight Sander Arts

Sander Arts' Success at ServiceNow

Sander Arts has taken customer success to a new level at ServiceNow. Upon being named Chief Customer Officer in 2016, he quickly implemented strategies that saw the business grow from $1.4 billion to over $4.5 billion within four years, making it one of the world's most rapidly expanding technology firms! His work is particularly impressive as industries across healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing have all embraced ServiceNow's digital workflow platform under his guidance, achieving their own individual goals along with company-wide growth successes we can all marvel at today.

ServiceNow, under Sander Arts' leadership, is on a mission to revolutionize digital workflows. With the customer always at its center of focus, this company strives for innovative solutions that deliver personal and seamless experiences, ensuring ongoing success as it moves forward.

Sander Arts has been a driving force in ServiceNow's mission to create an unbeatable employee experience. By introducing several initiatives that prioritize engagement and development, he is laying the groundwork for excellent customer service, showing that happy employees mean satisfied customers.

Under Sander Arts' leadership, ServiceNow has experienced unprecedented recognition from industry publications and organizations. In 2020 alone, he was honored as one of the Top 50 SaaS CEOs by The Software Report, and his company won a highly coveted award for Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality," given out annually by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation.


Sander Arts is an influential executive, armed with a history of bringing prosperity and progress to the tech sector. His leadership at ServiceNow has been integral to its success; he continues to push customer satisfaction and originality forward throughout the business divisions. With his passionate ambition for creating an experience focused on customers at heart, there's no telling how far this visionary will take them!

Sander Arts Executive

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