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Celtra, founded in 2006 and headquartered in Boston but with hubs worldwide, utilizes a cloud-based platform to help marketers develop highly effective, customized digital ads for multiple channels. Their offices serve as anchors of creativity located from the Big Apple to London's epicenter, drawing upon a global wellspring of ideas that aid their mission: empowering brands everywhere through personalized advertising experiences.

Celtra offers a comprehensive suite of tools to revolutionize the way brands and agencies create, optimize, measure, and scale digital ad campaigns. Take advantage of drag-and-drop editors for simple yet powerful campaign building; choose from interactive design templates that make ads come alive; streamline production with automated workflows so no step is missed or delayed—all while getting real-time analytics on performance PLUS A/B testing capabilities evaluate effectiveness in order to maximize results. Unlock superior creative output at lower costs with Celtra.

Celtra offers the perfect solution for advertisers looking to distribute their ads across a variety of channels and formats. Using this powerful platform, creative campaigns can reach target audiences across display, rich media, video, social media, and native ad networks using all major DSPs and SSPs. 

Celtra offers a powerful platform to help creative teams craft interactive ad experiences that bring their brands to life. With pre-built design templates and elements, plus features like animations, interactivity, and dynamic data feeds at their disposal—all without needing specialized coding or technical knowledge—it's never been easier for marketers to create captivating ads.

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Celtra's analytics and reporting tools provide invaluable insights into the performance of digital ad campaigns. With real-time data, advertisers can make informed decisions about their strategies as they monitor click-through rates, engagement levels, and conversions—all with a single platform that seamlessly tracks metrics across multiple devices and channels to deliver tailored audience segmentation information.

Celtra provides advertisers with the resources needed for long-term campaign optimization through its expansive platform and dedicated customer success team. From training and education programs to personalized consulting services and technical support, this innovative company aids in achieving a powerful ROI from creative teams' efforts.

Celtra is an innovative platform designed to empower advertisers and creative teams in the digital advertising world. It provides a user-friendly interface, versatile design tools, and powerful analytics and reporting features—all tailored for success amid today's competitive marketplace. Produce high-performing ads across multiple channels with ease and confidence.


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