BlueCava is a cutting-edge technology company that helps businesses stay ahead of the game with digital fingerprinting solutions. Using this innovative technique, companies can establish unique identities for their devices and leverage them to gain powerful advantages, including fraud prevention, improved security measures, and enhanced customer experiences—all while keeping up with today's ever-evolving technological landscape!

David Norris, a tech industry veteran and CEO of BlueCava, the Irvine-based firm that launched in 2010, has been at the helm of a string of successful technology ventures throughout his career. With him steering the ship, it looks like he'll soon be adding this latest success story to his growing list!

BlueCava utilizes "device fingerprinting" technology to determine a device's one-of-a-kind identity. This process analyzes digital markers like IP address, operating system, and browser type in order to create an identifier that is completely unique, allowing the company's services to be tailored towards individual users.

BlueCava's innovative digital fingerprinting technology can protect businesses of any industry from online threats, such as fraud and cyber-attacks. By analyzing the unique attributes of a device, companies leveraging this cutting edge tech can stay one step ahead in today’s ever changing digital landscape.

It gives businesses the power to fight back against ad fraud, an insidious issue that has cost the industry billions of dollars annually. Through its cutting-edge technology, companies can detect and prevent fraudulent activity such as click fraud, impression fraud, and bot traffic. Helping organizations save time and money with powerful protection.

BlueCava's technology helps businesses create an enhanced, tailored experience for each of their customers. Through collecting and interpreting device data, companies can optimize their websites or apps to perfectly fit the customer's needs, from offering smartphone-specific versions of a website to providing more personalized recommendations based on individual usage patterns.

Thanks to BlueCava's innovative technology, businesses can now better protect their customers against account takeover fraud, a devious form of cybercrime where criminals gain access to accounts by stealing login credentials. By analyzing the digital attributes associated with each device used for logging in, companies are able to detect fraudulent activity and keep users safe from malicious actors.

BlueCava's technology provides businesses with a powerful layer of protection against cyberthreats. Through the analysis of digital attributes, it can detect and prevent fraudulent activity associated with online banking or other financial transactions, keeping customers' money secure.

BlueCava has established itself as a leader in the digital fingerprinting industry with its advanced technology and experienced team. Its tools are essential for companies striving to thwart fraud, increase security and optimize customer experience - proving that businesses get more from BlueCava than just great tech.

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