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50 Women Need Know Martech 2018

Martech 2018 Women

How We Selected the Amazing 50 Women in Martech

We didn't want this list to be comprised of the usual suspects. We wanted to expand our search, by identifying women who exhibited a passion for marketing and marketing technology — but who also shared a passion for developing a community of strong, intelligent marketing executives.

I have to tell you. I read every single submission we received, and I was inspired. Not just from the women who made the list this year, but from everyone that provided their thoughts and opinions on Careers in Martech, Martech in Practice and Women in Martech.

Below you will find each of the 50 Women You Need to Know in Martech, as well as a quote from her that struck a chord with us.

Beginning in January, I'm going to publish a weekly installment of the Women in Martech Series. I'm really excited about it as it will include not only thoughts and opinions of the 50 Women in Martech here, but we're going to serve up a ton of resources and programs intended to help anyone, woman or man, succeed in martech.

50 Women Martech 2018
Martech 50 Women 2018

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