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2017 Influencer Marketing Trends

2017 trends

Jump on board with the hottest trend in marketing: influencer campaigns! As we move into 2017, brands need to be aware of some upcoming trends that will revolutionize their strategies. This blog post examines what's expected to bring a whole new level of impact and engagement for companies who embrace these potent power plays.

Increased focus on micro-influencers

In 2017, expect a shift to micro-influencers with a more dedicated and interactive following. Brands can spread their reach beyond just one macro-influencer by partnering up with multiple smaller influencers; this type of campaign will help bolster brand awareness on social media.

Authenticity and transparency

Influencer marketing is shifting towards a trend of honesty and openness - consumers are looking for true representation from the influencers they follow. Brands must collaborate closely with these figures to ensure that their content isn't overly promotional or misleading, and if it's sponsored by an outside source, be sure to make it clear. Authenticity has become paramount in this sector.

Increased use of video

As video continues to dominate online consumption, brands are partnering with influencers more than ever before. From Instagram and Snapchat to YouTube, the possibilities of telling stories through videos are now transforming how we interact with marketing strategies. Through this innovative channel, businesses can gain access to a wider audience while providing dynamic content that engages viewers in powerful ways.

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Increased use of data and analytics

As we enter a new year, expect to see brands take their influencer marketing campaigns further than ever before. In 2017, savvy companies are looking beyond fleeting collaborations with multiple partners and instead striving for lasting partnerships that will help boost customer loyalty and make the most of each campaign. It's an exciting time in which long-term relationships between brands and influencers can truly flourish.

Niche influencers

As brands look to maximize the impact of their marketing campaigns, they are turning towards 'niche influencers," experts in a particular field with an engaged and loyal fan base. By leveraging this targeted approach, companies can enjoy greater brand recognition within relevant sectors while strengthening customer trust in their products or services.

Increased focus on Instagram

Brands have taken notice of Instagram's ever-expanding user base and the platform's engaging visual capabilities, making it an ideal space for influencer marketing. As a result, many businesses are taking advantage by working with top influencers to craft captivating sponsored posts as well as leveraging Instagram Stories in order to cleverly highlight their products or services. It appears that there is no ignoring Insta - if your brand wants success, you'd better hop on board.

To remain competitive, firms must keep ahead of the trend curve as influencer marketing evolves. This year is pushing industry frontiers with an increased emphasis on micro-influencers, authenticity, and transparency, as well as video content creation for campaigns—not just commercials anymore! Companies are also more likely to pursue longer partnerships along with leveraging data and analytics for their strategy decisions. Niche influencers can take a form in almost any market; Instagram leads as its go-to platform for audience targeting objectives by keenly aware companies that understand how important it is these days that everyone stays up-to-date on all things social media related.

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